Roadside asset management


Asset management is an area that is of growing importance within Government bodies and State Road Authorities.  

Roadside Assets refer to assets, such as traffic management signage and their posts, reflector posts and guard rails.  As these assets have been placed, repaired and maintained over long periods of time, the specific location, type, condition and value of existing assets is often an unknown.  

When maintenance on existing assets is carried out, quality control information or operational specifications for the asset can be difficult to locate as the quality and availability of records vary within each region. This often results in the costly exercise of first-hand review to repair any damaged asset.


What is Roadside Asset Management?

Roadside Asset Management is a systematic approach to value, document and maintain existing assets along the roadside. Roadside Asset include traffic management signage and their posts, reflector posts and guard rails.

How is it traditionally performed?

There is currently no National system or standard in place to manage roadside assets. The responsibility falls on each individual Council or Road Authority to manage their assets. In the majority of cases damaged assets are simply replaced when their damaged state is reported. This often requires a review of how to carry out the repair or replacement with new specifications constantly being generated in the process.

Why is it important?

Across Australia there is a backlog of asset infrastructure renewal (mainly due to budget constraints) with national recommendations for the funding of stand alone asset management programs within Councils and Road Authorities. The bigger issue is Roadside safety for public as often these assets are crucial warning signs or reflector posts that aid in the safe driving in the dark. This safety issue also raises the risk of liability for Councils and Road Authorities should the damaged asset contribute to an accident.

our solution


All of the Slasherteck machinery have a propriety asset and operations management system that collects valuable data on-the-go.

Performs on-the-go in the background of operations

Easy to access cloud-based analytics

Can report and flag location of roadkill

Assigns value to each asset

Stores specifications for repair

Built into all Slasherteck Equipment

Automatic timekeeping and reporting of operations

Map-based location and status of each asset (updated on each maintenance run)

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