Vegetation management


Slasherteck has developed a range of technologies that are utilised in the Vegetation Management Product Suite. These technologies give the operators of Slasherteck equipment a competitive advantage over traditional methods.

our product suite

1 x new holland tractor

2 x continuous mower head

1 x Front Slasher

Reach arm +
Continuous Mower head
(coming Soon)

vegetation management package

The Slasherteck Vegetation Management set of machinery has been designed from the ground up specifically for roadside maintenance.  It consists of three slashers and a side-shift-tilt-hitch. A rear reach arm with an additional slasher head is currently in development and will be added to the line up soon. Each of these pieces of equipment are operated from the comfort of a state-of-the-art tractor along with Slasherteck’s propriety Slasher Operations and Asset Management System (SOAMS).

The machinery

Front slasher

The Front Slasher is the work horse of the set of equipment.  The slasher has a cutting diameter of 1800mm and is primarily used for the majority of accessible applications. Where necessary, the front slasher has the ability to clear the vegetation around roadside posts.

Key Features

Triple Bladed Design

Our slashers have three sets of blades in each unit.  Having three blade sets ensures a consistent, even cut.  The blades are designed to mulch the grass at the time of the cut, breaking down the cut grass to act as food for regeneration.

Work Hardening Mulching Blades

These blades are manufactured using a special steel alloy that hardens as they cut.  This prolongs the life of the blades and makes them less prone to damage.

Hydraulic Motors

All of our machines are hydraulic driven.  Our motors are high end, that are specifically made for a prolonged life at high speed usage. Special valves are built into each hydraulic circuit, acting as shock absorbers if the blades hit any rocks or hard objects.


Cutting Width

Front Slasher
Continuous Mower Head

Mechanical Specifications

Motor Drive
Cutting Tip Speed
Self hardening Mulching
15000 ft/min
Blade Type

Side Shift Tilt Hitch

Front slasher with two continuous mower heads can be shifted horizontally and tilted at an angle in either direction.

Horizontal Shift
0.9m Left
0.9m Right
Angular Tilt
15º Clockwise
15º Anticlockwise


New Holland T7-175

Asset Management

Slasher Operations and Asset Management System (SOAMS)

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