Traffic and Security Management


Traffic Management is a huge industry across Australia. It is generally a very labour intensive exercise and therefore a very costly exercise. Due to the nature of the work it is also an industry with a higher than normal risk to the safety of workers.

Most of the recent innovation in this industry has been through the adaptation and implementation of LED and solar technologies in digital signage.

The next major innovation is now on our doorstep.


What is traffic management?

The term Traffic management covers a very large industry and consists of a number of different practices around managing the movement of vehicles in circumstances where the normal flow of traffic has been changed.

What is slasherteck's focus?

The specific areas of traffic management that Slasherteck is focusing on is:

  • Static Digital LED Signage
  • Mobile Digital LED Signage (Signage vehicles that drive behind works)
  • Truck Mounted Attenuators
  • Signage for maintenance/road works
  • Emergency Signage
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Traffic Management
  • Work site Traffic Management

What are the typical problems?

A lot of the problems with traffic management are due to the high labour component and high risk nature of most of the work. Below are some of the problems that are experienced in Traffic Management:

  • Inefficient
  • Traffic management trucks expose workers to potential collisions and involve long hours travelling at slow  speeds
    (risk of fatigue)
  • Workers exposed to dangerous working conditions
  • Signage for maintenance/road works
  • High cost component of any construction or maintenance

our solution


Slasherteck has developed autonomous land-based vehicles for the use in traffic management and automated security patrolling. These drones have been designed, patented and manufactured in Australia to the highest standard to operate in the toughest Australian conditions.

Operates in three different modes

Can be operated from up to 50m away
(in remote control mode)

Electric Vehicles

RGB Colour correct LED Panels

Can follow vehicles on predetermined routes

Removes the risk of workers on the roadside

Solar Charging

Branded vehicle wrapping available

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our technology

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