Security Drone

Slasherteck's security drones are perfect for perimeter security at secure facilities. With the ability to program in automated routes, our advanced GPS technology ensures our drones stay on path within a tolerance of 12mm. With 3G connectivity, the drones give real-time feedback, images and scan data with the ability to be controlled remotely to investigate anomalies.

Security Drones

Perimeter Security management

The patented Slasherteck Security Drones have been designed and developed in Australia and are ideal for perimeter security management. Each land-based electric vehicle can be operated in three modes and is equipped with a range of technology. Each drone has a front mounted and rear mounted RGB colour-correct LED panel and has a solar panel for charging while in use. The drones act as a base unit that is configurable for any specific need and additional security features such as night vision, radio frequency scanning and FLAR technology.

The Equipment


Vehicle Specifications

150Km @ 15Km/hr
Max Speed:
Battery Technology:
Dry-Cell Lead Batteries
12 hours
1L/10Km Unleaded Petrol
Full Charge:
Range Extender:
Safety Standard:
XX Horse Power
SIL compliant

Security technologies

The security drones can be fitted out with a variety of sensor technology to aid in any specific situation. Below are some of the technologies well suited to the application of the security drones.

Gyro Stabilised Thermal Camera

These cameras employ temperature measurement features that are able to work in the day and night.  Any abnormal detection will trigger an alarm which will then notify the security personnel.

Military Grade Surveilance Camera

A ruggedised robotic video camera for vehicle mounting. Capable of full 360 degree continuous turning combined with pivoting movement.  Can also provide a live feed via wifi.

Wideband Radio Scanning

The receiver scans common spectrum used for 2 way coms and mobile phones. Using DSP (Digital Signal Processing) hundreds of Mhz of frequency can be scanned in seconds. Masking of known used frequencies at the premises, the system looks for a level of signal, characteristic of close operation. Suspect detections flag an alert, sending a message back to the control room.

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