TRAFFIC and security management


Slasherteck  has developed autonomous land-based vehicles for the use of traffic management and security monitoring. Highly accurate GPS, remote control and autonomous technology is combined to deliver both our Traffic Management Drones and their Security counterparts.

our technology

Three Different Modes

Our patented land based drones have been developed in-house with Slasherteck propriety technologies. The drones have three different modes of use:

Remote Control mode is the primary and most basic mode of controlling the Traffic Management Drones.  The remote control can drive the vehicle from a range of up to fifty metres, keeping the operator at a safe distance at all times.

Follow-Me mode is a ‘bread-crumb’ based system where the Drone follows the exact path of an operator in front.  The Operator simply carries a “beacon”, that tracks their movement for the drone to follow.  The speed and following distance are variables that can be set by the operator.

Autonomous Mode drives along a predetermined path that has been mapped out by the operator (by manually driving the path in a different vehicle).  This mode is used to provide moving traffic management for mobile works and roadside maintenance vehicles.  It is also the mode used for the security drones that continually monitor a predetermined path.

Our Land based drones

Our land-based drones come in two different models -

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