ROADside maintenance


Slasherteck is an Australian company that was created with a single purpose - to Revolutionise Roadside Maintenance. With patented, designed-and-built-for-purpose machinery that spans across Vegetation Management, Roadside Asset Management, Traffic Management and Roadside Rubbish Management.

Our Product Categories

Slasherteck has product offerings in four main categories with the industry of Roadside Maintenance:

Roadside Rubbish Management

Slasherteck is developing technology to automate the collection of rubbish from the roadside. Watch this space.

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Slasherteck is providing businesses and contractors across Australia the opportunity to obtain a license for the exclusive use of the Slasherteck machinery to provide roadside maintenance and traffic management services within a defined region.  These licensing opportunities are referred to as “Slasherteck Operations”.

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Our Drones in Action

Our Traffic Management Drones were demonstrated to industry at the IPWEA Annual Conference in the Hunter Valley. See what industry experts (including the CEO of the IPWEA Australia) had to say about our drones.


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Chemical Spray

Make chemical spray history

Chemical spray is the traditional method of removing vegetation around posts and areas that are hard to access with conventional machinery. Slasherteck's Vegetation Management machinery has been designed as an alternative to chemical spray, without the inefficiencies (and worker safety risk) of manual trimming with whipper-snippers.

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Slasherteck’s Vegetation Management System is exclusively available to Slasherteck Operations Service Providers.  Get in touch if you would like to be contacted by your local Operations team or if you are interested in becoming part of Slasherteck Operations.

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