Traffic management Drones

Slasherteck's traffic management drones are a game changer in the traffic management industry. With the ability for remote controlled set up and the autonomous following of vehicles, we are dramatically reducing the risk of danger from the working environment.

TRaffic Management Drones

World-first in traffic management

The patented Slasherteck Traffic Management Drones have been designed and developed in Australia and are a world first in traffic management. Each land-based electric vehicle can be operated in three modes and is equipped with a range of technology. Each drone has a front mounted and rear mounted RGB colour-correct LED panel and has a solar panel for charging while in use. Traffic management just got a whole lot easier!

The Equipment

OVERALL HEIGHT - 0.92M + Screen Spec Height (Standard 2.75M)

Vehicle Specifications

150Km @ 15Km/hr
Max Speed:
Battery Technology:
Dry-Cell Lead Batteries
12 hours
1L/10Km Unleaded Petrol
Full Charge:
Range Extender:
Safety Standard:
SIL compliant

Signage Specifications

Panel type:
LED - RGB Colour
Front sign
Rear sign
LED - RGB Colour
LED Pitch:
PANEL size:
1280mm x 960mm
1280mm x 1920mm
64px x 48px
Smartphone APP/Cloud based system
64px x 96px
Separate LED Panel Battery (Drycell Lead) + Continual top-up from Solar Panel

Use Cases

Static Roadside Signage

Static Roadside signage can often be very difficult to set up, especially if the roadside is narrow or hard to get to. The Slasherteck Traffic Management Drone is super easy to navigate with the remote control, with the signage operating while it is being set up. The operator can be up to 50 metres away, ensuring that they are out of harms way in the set up or removal of the signage.

Fire Brigade quick-response time signage

The traffic management drones are perfect for quick deployment and set up in emergency response situations. They are equally as useful in managing back-burning as the drone can be easily moved along the relevant site as the burning occurs.

Remote control mode

Emergency Services

The traffic management drones can be rapidly deployed and set up in emergency situations without putting workers at risk. The wireless capability of the LED signs allow for easy set up of pre-loaded messages to be set-up on arrival.

Hard-to-get-to set ups

Setting up digital or conventional signage in hard-to-get-to places has always been a dangerous exercise. Slasherteck's Traffic management signage drastically reduces the risk to workers in this set-up. No need to accommodate for the extra space required for larger vehicles to reverse a trailer LED sign into place as the drones are seamlessly moved into position (while displaying warning messages at the same time).

Confined Spaces

Where spaces is confined, there is often a lack of room to navigate a trailer sign into position. Using workers to manually hold signs can be very dangerous, particularly in the confined spaces. The Slasherteck Drones are ideal in these situations with their simplicity in set-up while completely removing the worker from harms way.

Random Breath Tests (RBTs)

The Traffic Management Drones particularly well suited in aiding the safety of Police Officers when conducting Random Breath Tests. The messaging on the drone signage can warn oncoming traffic to slow down on approach, with the mobile nature and ease of set up of the drones ideal for the rapid deployment and pack-up required.

Follow Me mode

Slow Vehicle tethering

The drones are also well suited to accompany over-sized vehicles on short routes between destinations. For longer distances, the predetermined route can be programmed into the autonomous mode.

Long stretches of Road maintenance

The Slasherteck traffic management drones are perfectly suited to trail works vehicles warning traffic behind them along long stretches of roads. This negates the need for the works operator to constantly stop to place and move static signage.

Autonomous mode

Coming Soon

All of our Traffic Management Drones have autonomous mode built in, however the current legislative environment in each state in Australia currently prevents the use of this mode.

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