Vegetation management


Slasherteck has developed a range of technologies that are utilised in the Vegetation Management Product Suite. These technologies give the operators of Slasherteck equipment a competitive advantage over traditional methods.

our core technology

Our revolving base

The patented technology is built around a stationary frame and a rotating frame.  The stationary frame enables the internal rotating base that carries the the blades to rotate around the post at the push of a button. This construction, using an incredibly rigid stationary frame makes the unit very strong and sturdy.  The use of hydraulic motors throughout the machine provide maximum cutting power, with minimum mechanical complexity.

Our machinery

Our core technology has been applied to two pieces of equipment that both operate as a traditional slasher as well as being able to cut around posts. The first is the workhorse of the system - the Front Slasher. This is mounted on the front of the tractor and has a wide cutting diameter of 1800mm. The second is our Continuous Mower Head, which is used for areas that are harder to access including under guard rails.

Front Slasher

This is the work-horse of the system and is mounted on the front of the tractor and has a wide cutting diameter of 1800mm

Continuous Mower Head

This is a smaller slasher with a different rotating mechanism and is designed for hard-to-get-to areas including under guard rails. This slasher has a cutting diameter of 900mm

Side Shift Tilt Hitch

This a mechanism that sits between the tractor and the Front slasher. This unit can both rotate and shift the slasher sideways.

Our product suite

The Vegetation Management product suite is a complete solution to slashing vegetation along the roadside. Using both the Front Slasher and multiple Continuous Mower Heads, the product suite is well equipped to mechanically remove vegetation in areas that have traditionally been hard to access.

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